The poultry punch-up

Miss O being escorted from the scene of the crime…

Earlier this week, the ridiculously funny Matt Coyne (aka Man vs Baby) shared his struggle with his son’s ‘smacking phase’ on his Facebook page.

Now I can really sympathise here, what with having my very own home-grown hellraiser, so I commented:

“Worried that my child (also 18 months) is basically feral – we’ve had 3 biting-related incident letters from nursery this year already, and when we visited a farm this weekend, I sh*t you not, she punched a chicken…”

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Assembling your parent posse – 6 key questions

There’s been a lot of buzz in the press lately about Mush, a new app to help like-minded parents find each other for local play dates and such. Inspired by this, I’ve put together a short questionnaire to help me assemble my very own parent posse…

“Have fun sweetie – mama’s off to the bar…”

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“The day off”

“Do much on your day off?” A (fresh-faced/well-rested/child-free) colleague asked breezily as I sat down at my desk this morning…


To clarify, I work four days a week and am lucky enough to spend the other day at home with Miss O. But, as much as I appreciate being able to do this, there is NO WAY that what transpires every Wednesday could possibly be described as ‘a day off’.

And on days like yesterday, when Miss O essentially dicked about from sunrise to sunset, it’s about as ‘on’ as it gets. Here are some highlights:

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Seven sure-fire tips for dealing with fussy eaters (warning – useful advice not included)

No thanks, I’ll get my own dinner…

When I was heavily pregnant with Miss O, hastily Googling everything I’d neglected to read up on over the past few months (like cramming for an exam you have absolutely no hope of passing) it genuinely never occurred to me that mealtimes might be one of the big issues. I think I just presumed that I would make something, my tiny human would eat it, and we’d all move on with our lives.

What a complete eejit.

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Postman Pat and the P45 – the mind-boggling world of CBeebies

“Come on Padget – let’s get smashed!”

Once upon a time, J and I were relatively normal people who discussed the grown-up television issues of the day, like the identity of Red John in The Mentalist, or when winter would finally get the f**k on with it and arrive in Game of Thrones.

Now that CBeebies has become the soundtrack of our lives, the true marker of time (it’s going to be a looonnng bloody day if you’re up pre-Chris and Pui) we find ourselves analysing the ins and outs of its offerings far too frequently… Read more