Weddings and toddlers: a good match?

Last weekend we attended our first family wedding since Miss O was born. Everything was lovely; the bride looked beautiful, the sun shone, the wine flowed…but bringing your toddler along for the ride really adds a certain something doesn’t it??


As we were staying away for 2 nights, we had to pack everything we owned, naturally, which turned loading the car up into¬†an elaborate game of luggage Tetris. I then spent a hugely¬†enjoyable 2.5 hours wedged between a cool bag, a travel cot and three Paw Patrol cushions watching 23,435 episodes of Bing (I thought we’d moved on from that whiny little fluff-ball and his bean bag chums, but every once in a while his popularity skyrockets again – he’s basically the Craig David of the kid’s TV world). Read more