Diary of a class bear: Bertie’s big weekend

I rocked up to the nursery pick-up last week and heard the words I’d been dreading for months now…

Yup – we’d been landed with the sodding class bear for the weekend.

If you’d like to find out how Bertie enjoyed his stay, he’s created a lovely photo diary to share with you all!

(FYI – it goes without saying that this isn’t the EXACT draft I sent over to nursery )

My weekend 1 Read more

Moving on up: bye bye baby group!


Yesterday, Miss O got her transfer papers.

And no, she’s not off to Manchester United for a record fee (although they should give it some serious consideration – she’s got one heck of a left kick and can throw herself dramatically to the ground with the best of them).

No, in a couple of weeks time she’ll be moving up to the big group in nursery; the group before pre-school, the ‘bloody hell when did she stop being a baba?!’ group. And even though I knew it was coming, I’ve been really emotional about it (or ‘grumpy and ridiculous’ if you favour my husband’s take on it…) Read more