I thought I’d be a mum who took it all in her stride. But I wasn’t. I was a mum pushing a pram in the driving rain, crying my eyes out and wondering how on earth I was going to get through the next few weeks, let alone years.

I hoped I’d be a mum who’d say airily “oh, she’ll eat ANYTHING we put in front of her!” But I’m not. I’m a mum who’s seriously considering handing my food shop straight over to the binmen just to save time, and slightly concerned that Miss O will think ALL dinosaurs were made from turkey…

I thought I’d be a mum who strode confidently back into work in pristine business attire. But more often than not, I’m a mum with butter on my trousers, crumbs in my hair, and Peppa Pig stickers on my arse…

I thought I’d be a soft play boss, not the sweaty, panting, panicking mum firmly wedged between two slightly whiffy foam rollers…

I hoped I’d be a mum who kept on top of the housework, and ALWAYS kept her cool. But I’m not. I’m a mum who has to pop into the kitchen to let out the ‘mum rage’, and hasn’t seen the living room floor for about 18 months…

I hoped I’d be a mum who ‘cherished every moment’. It turns out, some moments are a little bit shit.


I AM a mum who gets up again every morning and heads once more into the breach; who knows all of Miss O’s ticklish spots; who would get 100% in a Paw Patrol quiz; who powers on through a dead arm when commando-crawling away from the cot after FINALLY getting her to sleep; who will get that sodding muffin tin out of the cupboard ONE more time in the hope that this time, she’ll actually try my Karmel-stylee toddler-friendly quiches, and I am the mum she will always run to when the world gets a little bit scary.

And I’ve decided that I’m OK with that. Because life’s too short to beat myself up for not being the mum I thought I’d be, when there are plenty of reasons to be proud of the mum that I am.


13 thoughts on “Today I will be mostly…giving myself a break!

  1. Oh I get you, I’m in the same boat. Parenthood is just a little shit at times, wish more people would say so and stop bleating on that its great all the time. I experience mum rage too, I used to really beat my self up for it, but it’s normal. What’s not normal is not having steam coming out your ears when your toddler is just being and arsehole!

    Thanks for sharing, brought a smile and a ‘high five to you mamma’ kind smirk to my face ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hear hear! we give ourselves so many extra-curriculars and they’re just not necessary. Our kids need love, warmth, play, and less stressed out mamas! I’ve found with my 3-year-old that as soon as I stop stressing about food or making it an issue, she eats. We’ve never had much trouble with her food, but then I’ve never really stressed about it. The times she resists are the times I forget myself and get all strict-mama at meal times. #stayclassymama

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  3. LOVE this! Nothing can prepare you for motherhood – however much you think you’re ready for it, it will always take you by surprise. But it’s okay because good enough is good enough, and actually nobody is getting it right all the time #stayclassymama

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  4. My lovely, I’m with you all the way. We all try our best and there is no need to stress ourselves out to be the mother we read about in books or we think others want us to be. We are us and love our children unconditionally and will always do our best by them. Give yourself a break. A well deserved break. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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